The Endless Dungeon


A dungeon with 99 levels of pain


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The Endless Dungeons is a roguelike game with 8-bit style graphics that pays tribute to the genre's classics with a story that requires you to descend to the bottom floor of a 99-level dungeon in order to defeat its guardian.

You start the game by choosing the sex and class of your hero. There are mages, warriors, thieves, clerics, and more to choose from. The game's difficulty depends on the class that you choose, since, for example, mages are particularly weak at the beginning of the game.

Like any good roguelike, the game's 99 levels are randomly generated, ensuring that you'll never play the same game twice. Each level is full of all kinds of enemies that will provide you with experience, and treasures that will allow you to equip new weapons and special objects.

The Endless Dungeons is a fun roguelike that replaces the genre's traditional, tiresome interface with one that is much more comfortable to use on a computer and with a mouse.
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